Express your imagination of mobility through art and story.
It expands the door to better and happier tomorrow where
the imagination of mobility is realized.

Hyundai Kids Motorshow

Children's imagination of mobility colors
a new sheet of canvas in 2023.

Mobility that cleans the ocean,
Mobility that heals your mind when you drive,
Mobility that answers any question you have.

To bring the imagination of mobility sooner and closer,
Hyundai is coloring the imagination together.

The 7th Hyundai Kids Motorshow

The submission is due by December 16, 2022

For a better and happier tomorrow realized through the imagination of mobility,
Brilliant Kids Motorshow has returned as Hyundai Kids Motorshow in celebration of its 7th anniversary.

What's the theme of
the 7th Hyundai Kids Motorshow?

"Draw your imagination of mobility”
'Mobility' is any means of riding or moving things
that are yet to come in the future.
Please paint your own imagination
of mobility and send it to us with a story
that describes your imagination.

Who are the participants?

Any children who are in kindergarten and elementary school can participate. All paintings will be categorized into three divisions [Kindergarten / 1st-3rd graders / 4th-6th graders] for evaluation.

What kind of painting materials can I use?

Any painting materials that children feel comfortable to express themselves, including crayons, watercolors, acrylic paint, and more.

Is drawing the background mandatory?

Yes, the imagination of mobility should include the background.
Please freely express imagination through story and background.

How does Hyundai Kids Motorshow proceed?

The art contest will run from Nov 7th, 2022, to Dec 16th, 2022. The result of the contest will be announced on Hyundai Kids Motorshow official website.

After the announcement, an art exhibition of contest winners of the 7th Hyundai Kids Motorshow will be held at Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang.

* The exact date for Hyundai Kids Motorshow art exhibition is to be determined and will be announced via its official website (


[Grand Prize]
- The Minister of Education Award : 3 awardees (Certificate, Souvenir, Artwork re-created into a monument and displayed in the art exhibition)
- Hyundai Motor Company CEO Award : 3 awardees (Certificate, Souvenir, Artwork re-created into a monument and displayed in the art exhibition)

[Excellence Prize]
- Excellence Award : 44 awardees (Certificate, Souvenir)

[Main Prize]
- Main Award : 100 awardees (Certificate, Souvenir)


Is there a limit to the number of paintings that a person can submit?
No. You can submit multiple paintings.
Is there a group submission for art institutions?
Yes, you can register individually or as a group, including schools and art institutions.
Can I discard the painting after submission?
Please keep your paintings after submitting the application. We will notify shortlisted award winners individually to request a physical copy of the painting. If you do not provide us with the physical copy, you will be excluded from further award evaluation.
Will you return the paintings after the contest?
Due to procedures of the contest, submitted paintings will not be returned, and ownership of the artwork will belong to Hyundai Kids Motorshow.
Is the personal information collection agreement mandatory?
Yes, it is. Hyundai Kids Motorshow only collects personal information to receive a physical copy of the painting and to send the awards, not for marketing purposes.
How can I submit my painting?
Use your cellphone or scanner to scan and upload the painting on the 7th Hyundai Kids Motorshow official website. You can submit jpeg, pdf, and tiff files.
What are the criteria for awards?

Out of 100 in total score, 80% is for general criteria and 20% for grand award criteria.


Through two rounds of evaluation, we select 150 award winners.
Next, the expert judges will select 50 high scorers from the entire award winners.
Among the 50 works selected by the professional judges, the top 6 works that meet the criteria for each award will be selected: 3 awardees each for the Minister of Education Award and Hyundai Motor Company CEO Award.

<General Criteria>

1) Novelty and Inventiveness of Painting (30%)

How creative and fun did your painting illustrate the future mobility?

2) Novelty and Inventiveness of Story (30%)

How much can you relate to the context and story of how you came up with the idea of your future mobility?
How interesting is your story?

3) Quality of Painting (20%)

How well did your painting illustrate your story?
How well did you draw the painting?

<Grand Award Criteria>

1) The Minister of Education Award (20%)

How creatively did your painting express the sustainability of future mobility?

2) Hyundai Motor Company CEO Award (20%)

How well did your painting express the innovation/originality of future mobility?

How can I know if I was selected as an award winner?

We will notify every award winner individually.

The registration schedule

Submission schedule

November 07th, 2022 - December 16th, 2022

Grand awards announcement

February 10th, 2022
On the 7th Hyundai Kids Motorshow Official Website (