The 1st Brilliant Kids Motorshow

The Imagination of Car Comes to Reality!

"Children's paintings of the imagination of car"
Submission |
Jan 7th, 2016 - Feb 23rd, 2016
Award Announcement |
Mar 15th , 2016
Kids Motorshow Launching Event |
Apr 21st , 2016
Art Exhibition |
Apr 21st, 2016 – May 31st, 2016 (A free-of-charge exhibition)
June 4th, 2016 – Apr 14th, 2017 (A paid exhibition)
@Design Playground, Design Plaza, DDP
Kindergarten (4-7 y/o) / 1st-3rd graders / 4th-6th graders
Grand Award | 3 awardees
Gold Award | 6 awardees
Idea Award | 5 awardees
Main Award | 136 awardees

The Institution with the Most Participants and Award Winners

Grand Award

The Desert Snowflake Car

Kindergarten |
Park Jung Won
Story |
The Desert Snowflake Car turns oasis water into the snow and sprays it on the sky of a desert where there’s no snow.

The Footballfish Car

Kindergarten |
Kim Hyo Ri
Story |
The Footballfish Car is a car with bright lights that helps me fish well even in the dark.

The Flower Perfume Car

Kindergarten |
Lee Hyun Ji
Story |
The Flower Perfume Car is a car that butterflies and animals like because it's filled with the fragrance of flowers.

The Wall-Climbing Car

1st-3rd graders |
Kim Min Jun
Story |
The Wall-Climbing Car is a car that can climb up every wall, getting out of the city's traffic jam.

The Baby Bird Care Car

1st-3rd graders |
Kim Yun Jin
Story |
The Baby Bird Care Car is in the shape of a mother bird and rescues a baby bird trapped in a high place.

The Sky Cotton Candy Car

1st-3rd graders |
Kim Ye Ji
Story |
The Sky Cotton Candy Car is a car that flies in the sky and sprinkles sugar on clouds to make cloud cotton candy.

The Sky Music Car

4th-6th graders |
Kim Yun Ji
Story |
The Sky Music Car is a car that can fly in the sky with the energy being charged when I sing inside.

The Star Shooting Car

1st-3rd graders |
Hong Ju Won
Story |
The Star Shooting Car is a car that shoots sparkling stars to brighten the sky of a city where stars are hard to see.

The Super Igloo Car

1st-3rd graders |
Han Seok Won
Story |
The Super Igloo Car makes ice to help the penguins in need of more space to live.

The Crop-Sowing Car

1st-3rd graders |
Kim Ah Hyeon
Story |
The Crop-Sowing Car helps my grandmother by sowing crops automatically, using robot arms.

The Clam Fuel Car

4th-6th graders |
Ji Seon Wu
Story |
The Clam Fuel Car is an adventurous car in the shape of a dolphin that uses clams as fuel.

The Puzzle Teleport Car

1st-3rd graders |
Jeon Ye Rim
Story |
The Puzzle Teleport Car is a car that teleports to the place you want if you put the puzzle together.

The Big-Wheel Car

4th-6th graders |
Lee Deuk Mo
Story |
The Big-Wheel Car is a car with large wheels that runs through the sky.

The Mobile Camper Car

1st-3rd graders |
Kim Seung Jun
Story |
The Mobile Camper Car is a caravan that uses solar and water energy as fuel for you to move and enjoy camping.