The 2nd Brilliant Kids Motorshow

The Imagination of Car Drawn by Our Children’s Hands Comes to Reality!

"Children's paintings of the imagination of car"
Submission |
June 19th, 2017 - July 24th, 2017
Award Announcement |
Aug 4th, 2017
Kids Motorshow Launching Event |
Nov 9th, 2017
Art Exhibition |
Nov 9th, 2017 - Dec 10th, 2017
@Gwacheon National Science Museum
Jan 18th, 2018 - May 27th, 2018
@Gwangju National Science Museum
Kindergarten (4-7 y/o) / 1st-3rd graders / 4th-6th graders
Grand Award | 1 awardee
Excellence Award | 3 awardees
Merit Award | 3 awardees
Special Award | 3 awardees
Main Award | 143 awardees

The Institution with the Most Participants and Award Winners

Grand Award

The Encyclopedia Car

4th-6th graders |
Shin Ji Min
Story |
I came up with the idea of this Encyclopedia Car that shows detailed information through holograms on spectacles when it sees animals and plants on the street. Also, it has a pop quiz feature to review the information you already saw.

The Fallen Leaves Cleaner Car

Kindergarten |
Yu Young Yun
Story |
I always felt terrible for the cleaners who were tired of many fallen leaves fell in the fall. The Fallen Leaves Cleaner Car can help them by vacuuming fallen leaves on the street with a tube in the front shaped like an elephant's nose. It also helps plants grow healthy by grinding the leaves to make fertilizer. Collecting many leaves on the way to our family farm on the weekend will help the plants grow healthy!

The Cloudy Aqua Car

1st-3rd graders |
Park Ra On
Story |
This Cloudy Aqua Car is a wonderful car that absorbs clouds and turns them into the water by extracting water vapor from the clouds. I can help people in Africa in need of water with this car! With this car, people in Africa don't have to walk a long way to get water. They can stay healthy because they can now drink fresh, clean water to avoid getting sick!

The Oxygen Car

4th-6th graders |
Jang Hyun Seong
Story |
The car is inspired by a diver’s oxygen tank and is fueled by oxygen produced by trees inside the tank. The trees get moisture from the coolant coming out of the car; the more tree grows, the better the fuel efficiency and oxygen generation power, which leads to better performance for the car. This car is a self-sufficing, eco-friendly Oxygen Car.

The Fart Fuel Car

Kindergarten |
Kwon Yi Jun
Story |
My dad farts too much. This car started from the thought that it would be nice to put my dad's farts together. I once read that farts of cows are destroying the world too. So, the Fart Fuel Car will collect those toxic farts to use as fuel to clean the air and let people breathe comfortably!

The Whatever-I-Want Block Car

1st-3rd graders |
Shin Dong Wuk
Story |
My favorite hobby is playing with blocks, so I drew a painting of this Whatever-I-want Block Car that I can combine and separate to make different cars for different days. Also, this car will transform into a special car on a special day!

The Jelly Tube Car

4th-6th graders |
Kim Yi Re
Story |
My grandfather has been driving for a living for nearly 50 years. But he has been forgetting his way and has had many minor accidents lately. My mom is worried about her dad. So, I thought of a car wrapped in a tube of jelly that is safe for beginners and older people to drive. This car will protect you from unexpected accidents because it's basically wrapped up with an airbag.