The 3rd Brilliant Kids Motorshow

Draw the Imagination of Future Car in 2030!

"Children's paintings of the imagination of car"
Submission |
June 27th, 2018 - Aug 13th, 2018
Award Announcement |
Aug 23rd, 2018
Kids Motorshow Launching Event |
Nov 27th, 2018
Art Exhibition |
Nov 27th, 2018 - Dec 30th, 2018
@Gwacheon National Science Museum
Feb 22nd, 2019 – June 2nd, 2019
@Gwangju National Science Museum
Kindergarten (4-7 y/o) / 1st-3rd graders / 4th-6th graders
Grand Award | 1 awardee
Excellence Award | 3 awardees
Merit Award | 3 awardees
Main Award | 143 awardees

The Institution with the Most Participants and Award Winners

Grand Award

The Visual Guide Car for Visually Impaired People

1st-3rd graders |
Hong Ji Yul
Story |
I live near “Hanbit School for the Blind“ which is a school for visually impaired people. I see many visually impaired people, and I found that they often have trouble riding a bus. So, I came up with the idea of 'The Visual Guide Car for Visually Impaired People.' When the visually Impaired wears special glasses in the car, they can see the landscape of where they're driving. This car is an autonomous vehicle that drives safer with a rearview camera and an eye-shaped camera at the top of the car. With this car, visually impaired people can drive and travel to beautiful places to be happy.

The Criminal Recognizing Car

Kindergarten |
Kim Sang Hee
Story |
The Criminal Recognizing Car is a police car that patrols on nights when criminals often appear and finds criminals. Once the criminal’s information is entered into the car, this car will recognize the location and face. And then, a notification window and a face sketch will pop up so you can arrest him easily and quickly.

The 360 Degrees Rotating Car

1st-3rd graders |
Shin Jeong Min
Story |
It was always a shame that the beautiful scenery passed by when I drove somewhere quickly. The 360 Degrees Rotating Car has a chair and floor that rotates 360 degrees, so you can enjoy more of the view that has passed. The entire body of the car is transparent, and it's an autonomous vehicle that will allow drivers to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

H&H Car

4th-6th graders |
Kang Ye Won
Story |
H&H Car has the same interior structure as a regular house so that you can travel comfortably. This car is a prefabricated car that each floor can be separated and combined. You can assemble more floors to invite more families to travel together. In 2030, people are enjoying comfortable trips with H&H Car.

The Heart Car that Empathizes with My Feeling

Kindergarten |
Lee Da Yin
Story |
This car has equipment that empathizes with my feelings, and the heart-shaped window changes its appearance as my mood changes. This car remembers the conversation I had in the car and knows the anniversary and the place I love. So, it's an intelligent car with a good sense that plays songs to suit your mood, drives you, and takes you to places where you can buy delicious food or gifts. But don't you pretend you're out of the mood just to get a gift!

The Honeycomb Energy Car

1st-3rd graders |
Jang Yun Seok
Story |
I was inspired by bees collecting honey to honeycomb to come up with the idea of this Honeycomb Energy Car. The car moves with solar energy stored in its body. It also has honeybee robots that collect solar energy. This car is a pollution-free Honeycomb Energy Car.

World Tour Car

4th-6th graders |
Nam Yeon Wu
Story |
This car is the World Tour Car that allows you to travel around the world as much as you want. This car has an engine at its back to fly, and if you enter the immigration entrance, you can travel anywhere on the connected globe. Also, this car has a bodyguard GPS device to secure a safe departure for anyone if they’re off the route to the destination. This World Tour Car is free of charge, so, people with low income can also travel freely.