The 4th Brilliant Kids Motorshow

Imagination to Reality,
Draw the Imagination of Future Car!

“Imagination to reality, draw the imagination of future car”
Submission |
July 30th, 2019 - Sept 9th, 2019
Award Announcement |
Sept 30th, 2019
Kids Motorshow Launching Event |
Dec 21st, 2019
Art Exhibition |
Dec 21st, 2019 - Feb 16th, 2020
@1st Floor Citizen Lounge, Design Plaza, DDP
Any children who are in kindergarten and elementary school
(From 4 years old to 13 years old)
Grand Award | 6 awardees
- Certificate, souvenir, artwork re-created and displayed in the pop-up exhibition.
Main Award | 144 awardees
- Certificate

Institutions with the Most Participants and Award Winners | 7 Awardees

Grand Award

The Floating Balloon Car

Kindergarten |
Shin Hye Won
Story |
This car is a balloon car that floats around with air as fuel. This car is in the shape of a bird to keep the animals in the sky from getting frightened.

The Street-Animal Care Car

Kindergarten |
Oh Yu Na
Story |
The Street-Animal Care Car is a heartwarming car that feeds and treats stray animals on the street and finds its owner.

The City Tour Bus

4th-6th graders |
Kim Yeo Jin
Story |
The City Tour Bus is a tour bus that consists of small grape-shaped cars that take you to a travel destination, guide you, and even serve as a guide.

The Accordion Car

4th-6th graders |
Kim Yun Ji
Story |
The Accordion Car solves traffic jams by flattening like an accordion. It also plays music with the sound of an accordion when driving.

The Personality-Modifying Car

4th-6th graders |
Choi Jun Seo
Story |
The Personality-Modifying Car gives you a penalty with a yellow card and a toy hammer so that you don't fight with your brother in the car. The warning light will pop up if the driver doesn't follow the safety rule. If the driver uses a cell phone, hands will come out of the side of the car to prevent it.

The Sound Energy Car

1st-3rd graders |
Yang Yun Seo
Story |
The Sound Energy Car is a car powered by sound energy that comes from jumping and screaming excitedly on a trampoline or a ball pool. This car makes the noise inside into music outside to make everyone happy.