The 6th Brilliant Kids Motorshow

Meet the imagination of childhood that comforts your heart tired from
COVID-19 through Brilliant Kids Motorshow.

“Draw the imagination of dream mobility”
Submission |
July 26th, 2021 - Aug 31st, 2021
Online Vote |
Sept 20th, 2021 - Sept 30th, 2021
Grand Award Announcement |
Dec 1st, 2021
Any children who are in kindergarten and elementary school
Grand Award | 5 awardees
- Certificate, Souvenir, Artwork re-created and displayed in the Pop-up exhibition
Excellence Award | 45 awardees
- Certificate, Souvenir
Main Award | 100 awardees
- Certificate

Grand Award

The Eco-Protective Car

4th-6th graders |
Kim Hak Jun
Story |
By pairing a food waste bin with The Eco-Protective Car using Bluetooth, it automatically collects food waste that is difficult to dispose of and smelly. This car uses waste as its fuel to protect the environment and prevent global warming.

The Mind-Healing Mobility

1st-3rd graders |
Ahn Seo Yul
Story |
This mobility can protect and rescue poor and injured animals. Also, this mobility is resistant to water and fire and can dive, so you can go anywhere to save animals. Animals are family too! Let's rescue them and live happily together!

The Fire Extinguisher Mobility for the Buildings

1st-3rd graders |
Han Yun Jun
Story |
I saw on the news that an underground parking lot of a nearby apartment was on fire. There was a fire extinguisher in the parking lot. However, it ended up a big fire because people couldn't use it. They were frightened by the fire, and the sprinkler didn't work immediately. So, I came up with the idea of this Fire Extinguisher Mobility for the Buildings. This mobility is dispatched as soon as it detects heat, flying like a baseball. It prevents suffocation accidents by turning off the fire and removing smoke in the early stages. Installing this mobility in every company and apartment store could be a great idea because it will prevent a big fire before the firefighter arrives.

The Virus Vaccine Car

1st-3rd graders |
Yun Jae Won
Story |
Because of COVID-19, I couldn’t invite my parents to the kindergarten graduation ceremony. I couldn't attend the elementary school entrance ceremony! I wish to drive my ‘Virus Vaccine Car' to beat the strong virus and keep the world safe.

The Refugee City Car

4th-6th graders |
Yu Han Gyul
Story |
This car was made by people gathered to survive in a future where the environment was polluted. The front tube absorbs contaminated water and passes through the filter to the waterwheel. This car is equipped with a large telescope because of yellow dust, a high-end greenhouse for food, and two air holes to suck in dirty air to replace it with clean air.